Daylight Savings Is Coming!

Daylight Savings Is Coming!

Daylight savings...  The sun, the feeling that summer is just around the corner and an extra hour to chat with your friends at the park play with your little one at the park.  What is there not to like?  It is one of those things before becoming a parent that you cannot even imagine has any unpleasant things associated with it.

Daylight saving changes strike fear into many a mother's hearts so if you are a little worried about how these changes might affect your little ones sleep don't worry - you are not alone!

At least out of the time changes we experience each year this one is the better of the two.  I swear Louis is still messed up from the last change so this one might actually right him!  The trick with mastering this change is getting them to bed at a decent time which is a sight easier than getting them to stay in bed - nevertheless it has it's own challenges.

On a serious note, while it is not the end of the world if your little one has a few late nights but if they continue to wake (or need to be woken) at their regular time it will only be a few days before you have a seriously tired and grumpy bubba on your hands.  And the last thing you need is your little one thinking that 8pm is the new 7pm forever! 

Here are some brief, frequently recommended tips to help bring forward your little one's bed time:

  • Move your little ones bedtime back a little later in 15-20 minute increments starting a few days before daylight savings.   Even if you can push their bedtime back to 30 mins later it will make the transition on Sunday evening easier. 
  • Make sure your little one's room is nice and dark even with it being bright outside at 7pm.  We have used the Gro black out curtains for travel and they are a great alternative if you need more window coverage.  
  • If you have a young baby and are on a strict schedule it is best to refer to your schedules suggested routines for guidance during the transition
  • Try and lengthen out the bedtime routine where possible in that first week - extra time in the bath, extra books and cuddles with their favourite toys in the relaxing, quiet room will help distract them from the lovely sunshine outside and signal to their bodies that it is bedtime is approaching.  

Above all, like with anything involving change with bubs and toddlers, it is important to be patient and implement change slowly.  Personally I will be praying my notoriously early-waking son will sleep until 7am Monday!  **fingers crossed**

Em x

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