Feeding Solids: Essentials Tools to get started 

Introducing solids can be quite the mindfield. What foods to start with? Baby led weaning or purees? How often do you offer solids? Should I make the foods in advance or make them fresh? Gar, it’s quite an exhausting adventure TBH. But the good news is, once you get started it will become second nature. 

To get you started on the right foot, we’ve gathered our favourite feeding essentials to make the transition a fun one. 

Bibs To Keep Bub Clean

We’re just going to give it to you straight, babies make a bucket load of mess when they start solids. They’ll be pumpkin in eyebrows, broccoli in nostrils and all sorts of goo on clothes. A decent, washable bib or two is an essential. We’ve found some fab ones that will keep your bub a *little* cleaner. 

Silicone Baby Bibs - starting at $5.50

You’ll be needing a few of these bibs. They are silicone so you can simply wash them in warm soapy water and they have a handy dandy little food catcher at the bottom to save some of the food destined for the floor. 


Smock Bib - $42.00

If you’re serious about keeping your little one clean, these smock bibs are a must. This smock bib is waterproof and it has sleeves and a catch-all pocket to catch the bits that don’t make it to your child’s mouth. 


Bandanna Bibs - $34.95 

You can’t go past a classic bandanna bib for lunches out or morning tea at the cafe. While they won’t provide a lot of protection, they are a good stop gap for snacks. And, they are easily transportable too! 

Feeding Utensils

Hint: you’ll need a whole lot of feeding utensils. Bowls, plates, spoons, forks, sippy cups...the works. We’ve found the best all-in-one sets so you don’t need to shop around for separates. 

Be Calm Baby Suction Bowl & Spoon - $22.95

These lovely little sets come in an array of colours, they are dishwasher safe and they have a handy suction base which will keep the bowl firmly in place.  

Baby’s Complete Dinnerware Self-Feeding Set - $124.95 

Make mealtimes easier and trendy at the same time. This 12 piece set makes a great pack for little ones. Each set comes with a placemat, spoon and fork, suction bowl, pacifier with chain, sectioned plate, straw, popsicle mould, teether, cup and heart shaped mould. 

Artic 4 Piece Feeding Set - $54 

This bamboo feeding set is chic and fun with a mix of adorable arctic animal designs. The box set includes a plate, bowl, cup and spoon and makes the perfect playmate at mealtime.

Food Storage

There’s a lot of food prep that goes along with feeding babies. There’s the making, storing, feeding, storing leftovers and repeat cycle that goes on and on. We’ve gathered the essentials to make the process easier for you. 

Freezer Pods - $25.00 

Make your puree in advance and freeze it for later. You can do traditional vegetable purees or even fruit smoothies - the options are endless. Being silicone, the frozen pods are easy to pop out as you go. 

Cherub Baby Pouch and Spoon - $12.95

If you prefer to feed on the go, these reusable pouches make it oh so easy. You can store, freeze, warm and serve homemade baby food. Simply grab a refillable baby food pouch as you walk out the door, heat then serve!

Kilner Kids Food Jars Set Of 6 - $23.96

Constructed from durable glass and featuring silicone push top lids, this set of six glass food jars is perfect for storing, reheating and serving baby food. Dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer safe, these leak-proof clear jars come complete with 12 labels for labelling the jars with the name and use-by date of the contents. 

BONUS: The Food Maker

Like we said, making and storing baby food can be hard work. This wonderful invention from NutriBullet allows you to easily blend and puree steamed fruits and vegetables for clean healthful nutrition for your little one.Puree, mash. mix and chop contents and freeze or store in the storage accessories. Winner! 

Yours in feeding, Em + The Riff Raff Team x


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