Handy First Aid For Little Ones 

If you’re a first time parent, you’re probably kicking yourself you didn’t invest in shares at the local chemist. Who knew choosing the right thermometer would be so crucial, right? We’ve gathered the best collection of snot suckers, thermometers and handy first aid things that you’ll be needing during your parenting journey. 

We’d also like to preface this blog by letting you know that MOST of us are NOT trained medical professionals. We’re a bunch of mums who have spent many a night soaked in vomit/cuddling sick children back to health. These are our opinions only. In saying that, we reckon we know a thing or two about sick kids so we hope our tried and tested advice helps. 

Handy First Aid Kit 

This Family First Aid Kit from Tiny Hearts Education has 43 essential items to support you and your little person in your time of need. This kit also includes the coveted CPR resuscitation mask, Ted and rectangle gel cool packs. This Family First Aid Kit comes in a beautiful hand screen printed and powder-coated metal tin and is available in multiple colours to suit your home & mood. They  have also created a 'wingman' resource book that will guide you through using some of the more tricky to use items in the kit. 

Handy First Aid For Little Ones

Snot Suckers

Ok, before you ask, snot suckers are worth their weight in gold. Some little ones have immature ear canals and they are super sensitive to germs. Cue: tonsillitis, ear infections and a whole host of nasty infections. If you have a snot sucker, you’ll be able to drain that goo before it invades their whole system. Also, snotty noses =  many night wakings. Ugh. It’s a must-have, trust us. 

Snotty Boss Nasal Aspirator - $84.95

This mighty snot sucker will suction that snot right outta there! It’s battery operated so you don’t need to manually work it out but, it’s super quiet so bub won’t crack a narnie everytime you pull it out. Win! 

Handy First Aid For Little Ones

 Haakaa Nasal Aspirator - $52.99

The Haakaa Nasal Aspirator has 3 different strengths and it comes with different sized silicone tops to suit little noses in varying sizes. 

Handy First Aid For Little Ones


Trust us when we say checking your little ones temperature will become a pastime of yours. Colds, new teeth, infections and everything in between can bring on a temp. An accurate reading will not only put your mind at ease but it will also help you decide if a doctors appointment is needed. 

Medescan 2 in 1 Touchless & Ear Thermometer - $99.95 

This, we believe, is the Rolls Royce of thermometers. You can choose adult or child mode, it can be used on the forehead or in the ear and it’s accurate AF. As an added bonus, it will remember the last 40 readings. This is a super useful feature for long nights when you can hardly remember your name let alone a whole bunch of numbers. 

Handy First Aid For Little Ones

 Nurofen For Children FeverSmart Temperature Monitor - $120.48

This one is super fancy. You can use the patch on children while they sleep and link it to an app. The app will update regularly so you don’t need to manually get a reading. The app will also tell you if your baby's temp is high, moderate or normal. It will even beep at you if their temperature is too high. 

Handy First Aid For Little Ones

A Solid Rash Cream

Babies and rashes go together like peas and carrots. We’ve found the best creams to treat nappy rashes, dribble rashes and even mild eczema. Hot tip? Choose products with natural ingredients that won’t dry out your bubba’s beautiful skin.

Bunjie Baby Nip It In The Bub Nappy Cream - $10.99

Made from natural oats, Tasmanian mountain berries and moringa oil this beautiful cream will banish cranky skin, stat! 

Handy First Aid For Little Ones

Edible Beauty Mum & Bub Coco Barrier Cream - $16.00

This deeply hydrating cream can be used on parents and babies, score! It calms nappy rash, cradle cap and soothes eczema and nourishes dry skin. Made from all-natural botanical ingredients, it smells heavenly and heals like a boss! 

Handy First Aid For Little Ones


You’ll be needing band-aids, lots and lots of band-aids. Cuts, wounds, scratches, bites, owies (aka completely made-up injuries) the list is endless. We love a good-looking, effective band-aid and we’ve found the best on the market. They also look better than the garish Disney ones should you find yourself with an owie of some description. 

Patch Strips - $6.99

Made from organic bamboo fibre and infused with either activated charcoal, coconut oil and aloe vera, they promote healing while being an excellent choice for sensitive skin. Also? They are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, yipeeeeeee. 

Handy First Aid For Little Ones

Bonus Tip: Health Record Keeping 

When your little one is sick, you want to focus on guiding them back to health. Honestly? With a heavy dose of sleep deprivation, this can feel like a marathon! Remembering medication timings, symptoms, treatment plans and the like just got easier. Family HQ have just leveled-up the caring for sick kids game with the release of their app. It does all of the above and more! You can create a profile for each family member and you’ll have everything you need to show the doc in the event you need to rush in. 

Handy first Aid For Little Ones

Like we said, we’re not doctors (despite binging on many seasons of Grey’s Anatomy) so always check with the pro’s if something seems ‘not right’ with your gremlin. We do hope our handy product reco’s serve you well. Don’t forget to look after yourself if you’re in the throes of sick-kid life. It’s a slog and a half for sure! 

We would love to hear your go to First Aid products for your family. Please leave your comments below. 

Emma & The Riff Raff Team x


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