Mother’s Day Gifts We Want To Receive

You may not know this but all of the team here at Riff Raff & Co are mothers, grandmothers or very excellent big sisters. Nurturing, loving and chasing sleep is something we’re more than passionate about. To us? Mother’s Day is a big, BIG deal. We’re happy to do all the mum-stuff but we like to be rewarded for our efforts. And this annual day is our big chance to reap the benefits of this 24/7 job called motherhood. We polled the team about gifts they actually want to receive this Mother’s Day. 

As nice as it is to be gifted a box of chocolates or bed socks is, we’re all about useful gifts that will make the juggle just that little bit easier. Of course, a gift that encourages self-care never goes astray either! 

Personalised Matching Aprons 

Imagine the look on Mums face when Dad and the kids bring brekkie in bed wearing matching personalised aprons! Nothing beats a good old cook up on a Sunday morning! These matching Personalised aprons from Cotton On are just what you need for that Wow factor start to Mother's Day! Remember to get Mum her own too! 

Meal Subscription

After a huge day at Riff Raff HQ, ferrying kids to school and back, doing life admin and more, sometimes we just don’t have it in us to even think about dinner. The conversation "What's for dinner? Is it your turn or mine? Surely it's the kids turn right?" is an every day battle.  Instead, we’d love to have all the ‘thinking’ done for us. A meal subscription means all the food shopping and planning is done. 

There is a bevvy to choose from a but we reckon Marley Spoon might just be the best one. You can choose between vegetarian and meat-based meals, how many people to feed (2 or 4) and how many meals you need per week (2-5). 

A trial box is a great option to see if it works for your family. You can even get $40 off your first box. Level up your gift by promising to cook every one of those meals for her! 


Spring Cleaning Voucher 

As much as we want to have Insta-worthy, spotless homes we just don’t have the time. Or the energy. Dusting blinds, washing windows, wiping skirting boards along with thoroughly cleaning floors, bathrooms and bedrooms just isn’t on our radar. Coming home to a spotless home is a priceless gift we ALL want! 

A spring cleaning voucher will free us all up as a family (A weekend without chores you say!? We can hear the cheers from here!)  and provide a sense of calm that doesn’t usually go hand in hand when living a hectic family life. 

 Dustpan and Brush have this down to a fine art! Environmentally Friendly- Asthma and Allergy Friendly- Vegan Friendly- Pet Friendly- Eco-Friendly- Chemical Free- Non-Toxic AND They are offering 15% off their fantastic Service for all Riff Raff Customers! Simply add the code RIFFRAFF to your cart a Voilà! Your house is sparkling clean! 

Check out their recommendations for Sydney too! 

Coffee Machine 

We’re generalising here but all the mums we know run on caffeine and grit alone. Having cafe-quality coffee at home is a luxury but also, we deserve it. Invest in a good one and we guarantee it will pay itself off, stat. 

Nespresso have an incredible range to suit your barista skill level and budget. 


James Eye & Face Masks

We’re on the lack of sleep bandwagon again but it’s a persistent theme in early parent life. James Eye & Face Masks are all the craze right now and there’s a reason for it, they work! Perfect for banishing tired, puffy eyes and rejuvenating dull skin. Winner! Oh and they have a 24k gold collection too if you really want to spoil her. LUXE! 

Goodness Me Beauty Box

Give a gift that keeps giving all year ‘round, a quarterly beauty box subscription! We love new beauty products but being busy working mums, we often forget to *try* the latest and greatest. A quarterly box delivered to our door would totally make us stop and practise a ‘lil self-care


A Night Away

Ok, if you really want to impress the mum in your life, there’s one thing that will do the trick every time. A night away. Solo. No kids. No responsibilities. Just peace and quiet. If you want to go all out, add a buffet breakfast and an in-room massage. 

We promise, she’ll return happy and more importantly, well rested. There are loads of deals online at 


If you’re a mum, feel free to comment with your ultimate Mother’s Day Gift so we can include it in next years’ line-up! 

Happy shopping! Emma & The Riff Raff Team 


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