Riff Raff Sleep Team Team - March 2020

The Riff Raff Sleep Toy team attended our first ever expo event in late February and what a blast it was. PBC Melbourne had over 14,000 attendees and we were thrilled to part of the event. For us, being our first expo, so much preparation had gone into this event - the booth design, the displays, our cute lil uniforms... We really were starting from scratch. And what a wild ride the weekend was! There were times the attendees were four deep at the counter and while the vast majority were already familiar with our brand, it was the first opportunity that most had had to touch and feel the toy which that made for a great experience!

During the occasional lull in the traffic, our team went out exploring the Expo to see what other innovative and exciting people and products were in attendance. We thought you might like to see which were our top picks.

1. Baby Zen - Yoyo2

This stroller's booth was packed out all day.  And it was easy to see why.  The old 'travel stroller' ain't what they used to be.  This stroller has it all:
- fashionable colours ( 😍peppermint & ginger!!) 
- insane list of accessories  (bag, board, mozzie cover, rain cover, parasol (😍), foot muff, car seat adapters...  The list goes on!
- 1 pram - all ages.  You do need to swap out the age packs but the one frame takes you from birth to 22kg 
- seriously compact.  This stroller can be stowed as cabin luggage, comes with a carry bag and has a shoulder strap!! 

Where to buy?
You can buy instore at Baby Bunting or online at Baby Village 

2. Subo 

A wonderful customer of ours who visited us told me about this product so I went to go and check them out for myself. And I have to say this looks like a pretty neat product.

Subo - 'the food bottle' appear to be the answer to feeding home-made foods for bubs on the go. Essentially you load it up with your purred veggies, fruit, yoghurt or smoothie and the bottle using a vacuum pressure makes it easy for bubs 6+ months too sip the food out. No dripping, no mess (that is the idea anyway!) There are several parts to this bottle that all need to be very well washed to ensure it stays clean and hygiene bit it looks like a fab option for busy families on the go! 

Where to buy?
Online at Subo

3. Baby Dam

This is a great invention. This simple but clever invention ensures that you don't use more water than you need and is a good sight more portable and convenient than a traditional baby bath which they soon grow out of. Using less water means better for your savings, better for the environment and packing to travel with bubs just got even easier as well.

Where to buy?
Online at Jack & Miss Honey

4. Modern Cloth Nappies

IIf you are thinking about using modern cloth nappies for your bub, I would recommend you get along to one of these expos. There were numerous booths dedicated to it and is a great chance for you to compare multiple brands in one spot as well as receive one on one education about the fitting and management of them. 

Who was there?

5. Allganic

These guys caught my eye because their stand was really stunning. They were pumping out some very Aesop smells which were most divine. When I later researched them I was so impressed with their products that we just had to share. This is a new Australian baby skin care company with a focus on creating transparent products with no nasty chemicals that can be used on the most sensitive of skin.    The sun cushion product in particular looks great - who even knows that those chemicals in regular sunscreen actually are?  
Where to buy?
Online at Allganic

That sums up our top picks from PBC Melbourne. If you see an innovative baby product making parents lives easier please let us know so we help share the word with others! Email us at hello@riffraffandco.com

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