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Washing! When we think of reusable nappies, we think of washing! Do we need MORE? The resounding answer is NO!  Long gone are the days of soaking, beating and steaming a mass of terry towelling nappies.  

Welcome to 2021, your life (and your bank account) just got a whole lot healthier! Let us introduce you to a group of leading, sustainable, reusable and simply adorable products.

Let’s start with the facts-  Environmental 

In Australia, 95 per cent of parents use disposable nappies, accounting for around 5.6 million disposable nappies per day.

On Average, An Australian child will use 4000-6000 nappies by the time they are toilet trained.

On Average, An Australian Child will generate about 845 kilograms of nappy waste.

This equates to more than 800 million disposable nappies being used annually in Australia.

Source: here 

Let’s start with the facts-  Financial 

Nappies- Using the leading brand as an example, these cost .32c each.
Times this by 4000-6000
= $1,250.00- $1,920.00 each child until toilet trained. 

Wipes- A 400 Pack of wipes @$14.95 = 0.04c each. On average we use 20 wipes a day = .8c a day
Over a 3 year period, $876.00
How many children you have, multiplies this cost x 2, 3 , 4 , 5 + 


Bubblebubs are a fab team of mummas in Brisbane doing what they do best. Check out their easy to follow guide here! 


All in Ones- The newborn nappies are the simplest and closest thing to a disposable is an All In One (AIO). They are all one piece so you don’t have to match things up in the laundry and no one can get confused. The downside is that they can take longer to dry and they’re less flexible when it comes to adjusting absorbency. Pebbles newborn cloth nappies fit from 2–5.5kg giving you a beautiful fit during those early months with your baby.

All in Two- Then they have All In Twos (AI2) these come as two parts that go together to form one nappy. There are two basic types of AI2s, ones with snap-in inserts and pocket nappies (some nappies even come with both options). The great thing about snap-in designs (like their Candies) is that if the shell doesn’t get dirty you can just snap in a new insert and use it again! Pockets involve stuffing which people either love or loath BUT they are great for wiggly babies or unsure grandparents or other carers.

Whether it’s our All in Ones or All in Two cloth nappies that you are interested in, they come in a wide variety of colours and prints. The fabrics used in our nappies are custom milled to the highest standards offering you quality that is second to none and are built to last multiple children. Often  nappies made 15 years ago are still in circulation through the second hand community!

Bubblebubs are offering an amazing 10% off trial packs using code RiffRaff10 
Trial packs include 2 nappies, free shipping and a voucher to go toward future purchase! 

Seedling Baby 

Prefolds and Covers

Diversifolds take cloth nappying to a whole new level of simplicity and ease. They offer three sizes, each designed for the specific needs of growing babes Newborn, Regular and Toddler. Seedling baby have everything you need from newborn through to toddler range. 

They make it even easier with a fantastic sizing guide and handy Bundle of Joy that is perfect fit for your bub! 


Think Singapore Airlines heated towels. Jetting off to your dream getaway. Think the ULTIMATE luxury holiday beach escape. Think Barcelona, Sangria by a pool..... sorry, we got a bit off track there. Ok, back to Earth....

What were we discussing? That's right. Wipes. Wipes to wipe our kids. THUD. 

Cheeky Wipes 

This complete wipe system, will see you through those newborn explosions, those early day introduction to solids all the way to the ultimate toddler mess!

Cheeky Wipes are great for sensitive skin and eczema prone skin and helps with the prevention of nappy rash. Cloth wipes are so much easier to use than disposable wipes and 1 wipe is enough to clean the messiest of nappy changes, this saves time and money. 

This kit will set you up for years of wiping and you'll never run out of wipes! Eco-friendly, no landfill and no harsh chemicals. 


Swim Nappies

Sarah - Jane Collection 

These Premium swimming nappies have a 100% PUL Polyester cloth fabric Outer shell that is breathable & waterproof, the inner layer is made from a strong and super soft Nylon mesh giving your baby the best comfort that they deserve. As well as being super stylish with the most adorable prints. The ONLY swim nappy you will need, with no more disposable swim nappies required you are saving the environment so everyone is a winner!

The amazing Sarah- Jane collection are offering 15% off to all Riff Raff customers. Simply apply the code RIFFRAFF to your cart! 

Nappy Wash Services 

Imagine. A door pick up of your your dirty nappies. A delivery of clean, fresh nappies. You're thinking of going green? This is a fabulous service that introduces you to the world of cloth nappies gently and without great expense. 

Botanic Baby

At Botanic Baby, they make it possible for you to rent a suitable amount of reusable cloth nappies for daily use — which we collect, wash, and alter as your child grows. They pick the washable nappies up from your house and commercially clean them on a weekly basis, providing you with fresh, clean nappies the very same day. It all starts with one reusable cloth nappy service kit! 

The Great Water Use Debate 

There is great debate on water usage Washing Cloth v Reusable. Your personal cost entirely depends on your machine, your water and electricity rate. There are many studies squishing the fear of being left with huge energy bills and information on how much water is needed to produce disposable nappies. Check one out here along with a handy cost calculator. 

As always, the motto "Whatever works" right? Whether it's a full cloth system or part cloth/ part disposable system, you will find the perfect balance for you. Talk to other parents, get advice. Although it is overwhelming at the start (what parental journey isnt???) once you have made the leap, you'll be so glad you did!  

Emma & The Riff Raff Team x


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