Pictured from left to right: Emma (CEO and Director), Chels (Warehouse Manager), Carmz (Social Media Marketing Manager)

Riff Raff Beginnings 

9 years ago, 3 country girls living in inner city Melbourne, became mums. Traipsing the streets of Coburg, with dogs that needed to be walked and kids that needed to sleep, they quickly started bumping into each other regularly.

Before they knew it, their local park dubbed 'Robo Reserve' in the back streets of Coburg, served as their joint meeting spot and they regularly started catching up on Friday afternoons, running the kiddos out and getting in some much needed social time for themselves.

More friends and babies then joined the mix!

Chels welcomed twins, Emma welcomed her son 13 months after her daughter and Carmz welcomed her second son 20 months after her first. Their bond grew stronger as they were now parents of siblings with tiny age gaps, quickly throwing out many of their token ‘parenting rules and advice’ to save their sanity! 

Em had been on maternity leave and wanted to start her own business, dedicating any time she had to find her what, how and why.

Who knew it would take a 40 degree temp and virus sweeping their house for her to have her lightbulb moment…A comforter that soothes through white noise, music, has a dummy strap and is washable! BINGO! Something that was an all-in-one parenting must have! When Em presented her business idea to the girls, they wanted more than anything to support a friend and assisted her in different ways. Chels was there in the early days wrapping pals and Carmz helped shoot content for their budding socials.

After 6 months, Chels was our very first cuteness tech wrapping our pals in a tiny studio in Brunswick and Carmz dabbled in, well, a bit of everything… Fulfilling orders, customer service, a little bit of socials and then helping wrap more pals.

Could you feel the excitement growing? SO COULD WE! 

Take a step back through time here

Watching Emma's idea come to life was magical! Through hard work, sweat and many tears, here we were!

And we will never forget how far we have come!

We are flexible, we are agile and we move at a fast productive pace as we are use to juggling more than one babe at home. It is crazy how parenthood changes you and how those changes filter through into other aspects of your life. I'm sure there are plenty of parents who can attest to uttering the words, 'aint no body got time for that shit'... when it comes to anything that does not add value to your life of make your life easier. The same applies in the workplace.

We wanted to share this origin story behind our business as when ever we tell people about how we all came to know each other we are always met with amazement over how rad our beginnings were. To those of you battling those feelings of isolation and loneliness that are associated with becoming a new parent, just remember a smile and a chat with a stranger in the park while your kids play, might just become your next big adventure in life. 

It has been a magical ride and to thank you for being on this journey with us!

Emma & The Riff Raff Team x


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