Battery Brands Recommended By Riff Raff 

Batteries. They seem like a boring topic, right? Wrong! Imagine it’s 2am, your baby is yelping and your Riff Raff Sleep Toy (aka the only thing that will get them to sleep!) isn’t working? I’m sure you can imagine the angst. You see, our brilliant sleep toys need juice (in the battery form) to make all those lovely calming sounds. Once that battery runs out? No more sleepy sounds. It’s like a plot from a psychological thriller: *Insert bellowing Hollywood voice here* “The Sleepless House. Filled with tired people and a very cranky baby. Who will crack first? Only time will tell…...wahahahahahahaha.” Fear not, we put our critters to the test to find the longest-lasting battery on the market. We also developed a handy little guide to show you how often your sleep toy battery needs to be changed.

Step 1: Map The Sleep Time 

It is best to start with a bit of  background work. To really understand how much power your sleep toy will need, you first need to have a solid grasp of how frequently your little one is napping and therefor how much they will be using the toy.  The below guide is a simple one but you can use it to get a rough idea. Of course, this will vary often which makes the whole process a lot more maddening, ha! Just know each stage is a phase and with it will bring big milestones and new challenges.

Step 2: Test the batteries 

To help us devise the guide of when to expect a battery change we tested 11 popular battery brands. We’re a dedicated bunch! We found using your Riff Raff Sleep Toy on average 5 times per day for 40 minutes, you will start to see your battery drain around day 14-16. This is about 50 hours playback on x 2 AAA batteries.

Batteries, ranked. Now we get to the juicy bit, the batteries ranked. Measurables: 1 trigger = 40 minutes on loud

And the winners are....

1. Energiser Max Plus (teal)

2. Duracell Ultra

3. Everready Max Gold:

These top winners were tested to be able to work efficiently with more than 90 times + on both the lullaby and white noise- 60 hours of playback


Step 3: Mark your calendar for battery changes 

Now you don’t need to live out the horror of a 2am wake-up and a house sans-batteries because we’ve developed an approximate guide on battery changes. Newborn: expect to change your battery every 7-10 days 4-6 months: expect to change every 2-3 weeks Napping but sleeping through: every 3-5 weeks Solidly sleeping (2+ years): every 1-2 months These times are based on the 40-minute loud setting. Expect to get double time out of your batteries if you are only using a 20-minute setting. Score!

Signs your batteries need to be changed!

Just to make it super simple, if you notice any of these signs, it’s time to change your batteries.
- Taking several presses to start or not playing after being pressed
- Sounding eerie (eeek) and out of tune
- Slight hum or buzz across the track
-Sound cutting out
- One side plays at half-power while the other might cut off the sound (joy!)

And what if something’s not right? Change your batteries first. I
f behaviours stay the same with new batteries inserted, then reach out to our team who will look at potential faults. Your soundbox is covered by a free replacement period for 12 months from the date of purchase. So, if we deem it faulty we can resolve and replace it within 12 hours of receiving the information we require.

Phwoar. That was *quite* the test! We do hope it helps you keep those batteries changed and those 2am wake-ups at a minimum.

Yours in sleep (and lack there-of), Emma & The Riff Raff Team x



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