V3 Battery Guide

If you are reading this you have just been gifted or purchased your very first Riff Raff pal! Welcome to the family! We can't wait to watch your little one grow and bond with their pal. 

We want you to LOVE every aspect of your toy, most of all that strong positive sleep association to really start happening the moment your bub sets eyes on their pal. For this to happen, your sound box must be up and running at all times. We have set out below battery exceptions which depends on how old your little one is and how often you are using your sound box.

We have also outlined all the features of your sound box, instructions on using your sound box, the best battery brands to use, trouble shooting and warranty information. So basically, EVERYTHING you need to know.

How often should I be changing the batteries?

Map The Sleep Time 

It is best to start with a bit of background work. To really understand how much power your sleep toy will need, you first need to have a solid grasp of how frequently your little one is napping and therefor how much they will be using the toy. The below guide is a simple one but you can use it to get a rough idea. Of course, this will vary often which makes the whole process a lot more maddening, ha! Just know each stage is a phase and with it will bring big milestones and new challenges.

Baby Sleep

Working on 156 hours = 9360 minutes =  234 triggers

0-4 months Once a month
4-6 months Every 6 weeks
6-12 months Every 12 weeks
12 + months Every 4 months

Please note this data is based on the 40 minute setting. Double this time period on the 20 minute setting. 

Settings and Features 

Baby Sleep

There are 2 lengths of play on your sound box, 20 minutes (I switch) and 40 minutes (II switch)

Please read our handy blog here why we have chosen these settings and why they don't play all night.

There are 2 volumes on your sound box for you to choose from and 2 sounds on your sound box, our unique lullaby and our white noise heart beat.

The magic really is in our lullaby on the 20 minute setting. See here why. To turn off, simply hold one of the buttons down for 3 seconds. Optimal sound is achieved once the sound box is inserted into the pal. Similar to stereo speakers, the sound box is designed to be heard through the cushioning of the plush.

We recommend having a back up sound box in your home as those late night battery changes can be a major mood changer. You can purchase your spare sound box here. 

Battery Information

What batteries do they take? 2 x AA
Please remember the batteries you receive with your pal are testing batteries only. They have done many rounds before arriving in your world.

Which brand should I use? See here for our test results. The top 3 are-
TOSHIBA - Still performing 156 at hours of play back.
EVEREADY GOLD - Still performing at 156 hours of play back.
CHEVRON- Still performing at 156 hours of play back.

We recommending removing the batteries if you are storing your sound box for an extended period of time to avoid corrosion. Corroded batteries in your sound box are not covered by your warranty unless it occurs with the batteries we ship with your pal. 

Do not mix old and new batteries. The battery case is secured by a screw and requires a phillips head screw driver for battery changes. Once your battery change is complete please replace the cover and tightening the screw before inserting back into your al. Please insert batteries correctly according to the + and - symbols located in the battery component. 

Trouble Shooting 

Is your sound box making a clicking sound? Wont play the whole time? Sounding slow, creepy or crackly? No sound is coming from the sound box at all? It is time for a battery change! Please trouble shoot your sound box here.

Have you have changed the batteries yet one of the above is still occurring? Complete your Warranty Form here and we will sort this out for you. Your Riff Raff Sound Box is covered by a 12 month warranty period.

You can purchase the Sound Box separately here. Just like your back up pal, back up sound boxes can literally save the day (usually in the wee hours) when a battery change is needed. 

Cost and Environment 

These are two very hot topics across our whole lives to be honest. What is the cost and what is the effect on the environment. We have researched 2 leading brands and cost of using rechargeable batteries. 

Requires 5 hours to fully charge 4 x AA Batteries.
Suggest 2 packs x 4 batteries cost $13.50 each
Varta Universal Battery Charger $29.95
Total set up cost $56.95

Requires 5 hours to fully charge 4 x AA Batteries.
Suggest 2 packs of 4 batteries cost $18.50 each.
Energizer Maxi Battery Charger $23.87
Total Set up cost- $60.87

The best bit of this option as you will have batteries charged and on hand in your home to operate all your devices! 

We hope this guide is useful! Please reach out to our team if you need any further information or guidance. Sweet dreams to you all! 

Emma and the Riff Raff Team x 


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