Ever wondered who designed your toy?

Who lovingly assembles, checks them, wraps them and gets them on their way to their forever homes?

Who are you talking to on messenger at 10pm at night?

Well here we are!

(in order of how long we have been with the team)

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Chief of all Sleepy Operations!

Emma is our fierce leader here at Riff, Raff & Co. Emma’s GIF game is second to none and her enthusiasm? Unmatched. Her passion is sleep (can we get an “AMEN” mamas?!). Oh and business. Which makes sense because she launched this here business which specialises in sleep...

When she’s not busy being a podcast lovin’ small business hustler, she’s elbow deep in mum life. Her Evie (7) is sassy as hell and well, kind of a replica of her mother. Funny how life works, karma baby! Her Louis? He’s 6 (yeah we know, almost Irish Twins much to Emma’s *gulp* surprise), chilled and SMART. Like really smart. His ability to complete a puzzle in record time freaks the hell out of everyone who meets him.

When Emma’s not being all boss / mum like, she’s dreaming of her next overseas getaway...ok, you may find her fantasising about her upcoming adventures more frequently than she’d like to admit...the faraway gaze gives her away *everytime*

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Warehouse Manager

What can we say, Chelsea is the Mum friend you *need* in your life. She’ll happily sip wine in the park with you (in glasses, not plastic, she’s the fancy type) while the kids tire themselves out. As a kickass mum of 4 herself (Cleo 8, Twins Asha & Tully 7 and Steve 49 - some husbands count as kids right?!), she is highly skilled in the art of multi-tasking/running kids raggard/making light of the hilarity that is motherhood.

On a professional front? Chelsea is our quality control ninja. If so much as a stitch is out of place on one of our cute, critter-like sleep toys, she’ll swiftly send it right back to be perfected.

When she’s not busy on one of her many mum dates / managing the household / quality controlling like a boss, you can find her hiding in an obscure location for a moment's peace. We’ve been told she frequents Japanese Bath Houses but *please* don’t tell her husband...he might find her and pester her with requests for a snack/bedtime lullaby/bottle.

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Customer Exp & Social Media Manager

Carmel’s our Customer Experience Guru and Social Media Maven and boy does she do some great work for us here. Our Instagram Feed / Facebook Page / Customer Reviews - all shining due to Carmel.

Along with being downright excellent at her job, Carmel’s also a budding Interior Designer. When we say ‘budding’ we actually mean SUPER talented. She’s gutted and renovated two homes now which are so gorgeous they give us house envy. Her design quests are journaled via her Instagram page  which is growing in popularity by the day. Her first complete build is in full swing and we’re literally counting down the seconds till the full reveal!

When Carmel’s not busy being all out FABULOUS, she is at home with her somewhat active but oh so delightful boys. Hudson who’s 8, keeps Carmel entertained for hours with his almost encyclopedic knowledge of astronomy. And her little Wyatt? At 6, he’s well on his way to becoming a professional hugger / Thor impersonator with his skills in both areas being equally impressive. Yup, our Carmel is one busy lady that’s for sure!

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Cuteness Technician aka Quality & Wrapping

Oh Margaret, where would we be without Margaret? She’s the calm to our storm, the ying to our yang, the cheese to our macaroni, the Riff to our Raff. Basically, she keeps all of us chilled with her reassuring smile and her wise ‘been there / done that’ motherly advice.

Margaret is Mum to 32 year old Holly and is the kind of mum we all aspire to be. She, without a word of a lie, loves every little thing about her girl. Now grandma to 5 Riff-loving grandchildren, she’s loud and proud about her growing brood of eclectic souls.

Her creativity is second to none which is why we’ve put her in charge of quality and wrapping. You better believe our gifts aren’t simply wrapped, they are adorned with gorgeous-ness that’s not often seen in e-commerce.

When Margaret’s not busy being simply sensational at everything, you can find her dancing up a storm/reading very large 

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Customer Service Guru

You got a problem? Yo, Caroline will solve it! Caroline is our Customer Service Guru here at Riff Raff and she really knows her way around DM’s and emails. She’s new around here but if you ask us, we don’t know how we did this business thing without her.

Caroline is also mum to 3 year old Wren and the very aptly named feline fur baby, Dinosaur who is only 6 months old. Wren and Dinosaur still aren’t sure of each other yet so home life can be ‘tense’ at times.

When Caroline’s not chatting with you lovely folk or caring for her babies, you can find her trapezing the great outdoors, reading under a tree or sipping champers both in and outdoors.

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Emma's Executive Assistant

Cassie is our very own ‘Little Miss Fix It' aka Emma’s Executive Assistant. Her calm is absolutely the ying we need in our life. Cassie manages contracts, pays, team communication and everything in between. We heart her!

In a previous life, Cassie worked in Medical HR but after having her babies, decided staying at home doing the mum life thing was more her. Her 3 children Tristan (9), Ollie (7) and Charlotte (5) keep her on her toes with their multiple extra curricular activities.

Other than mumming it like a boss and keeping us all in-check here at Riff Raff, Cassie makes a mean macaron and we’re pretty sure she could win the Great Australian Bake Off with her masterpieces. Cassie enjoys more than the odd glass of Moet with friends when she can find the time in that hectic schedule of hers. Oh and word of the wise, Cassie will rip up ANY d-floor should the musical stylings of The Beatles, Queen or Madonna make an appearance.